Why lapdance is a tool for self-development

Published on 2 May 2024 at 15:21

Why use lapdance as a tool for sensual discovery?!


Listen, you are not going to meet your programming around sensuality in a library (probably)! And you are not going to expand without awareness of what is getting in the way.

Truth is we need a little conscious triggering to discover what we believe on an unconscious level.And lap dance has proven to be excelent at triggering people

I have witnessed people who were confident and expressive in their daily lives, suddenly freeze up or get into performance-mode when lap dancing.

When diving deeper into this pattern, we discovered that this was exactly what they did in the bedroom.

Time and time again participants would share about the ripple effect of deconstructing limiting beliefs through lap dance, it made their love life better, their confidence, their radiance.

So why not use lap dance to dive deeper? Which belief stands in the way of lap dance being a path to self devolopment, and do you want to keep believing that?

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