Sovereign Sensuality

Published on 8 May 2024 at 13:27

No one can hand you your worth, you need to claim it!

For me, this journey truly started when I gained weight after a break-up, and the eating disorder I used to cope. (For those attempting to diet, ironically, it often leads to weight gain.)

Breaking up with someone who had been such a central part of my life, sent me spiraling in so many ways. And now that I gained weight, I thought I was unattractive. The thoughts that accompanied this were fascinating: 'No one will ever love me. I will be alone forever.'

The parallel of what I attracted was uncanny... the most unattractive man I could imagine bluntly told me that he did not find my body type attractive. And I found myself scrambling to gain his approval (wtf, right?!)

I can't pinpoint when this shifted, but after years of working on my worth diligently, I found men that I would have previously considered unattainable pursuing me.

One of the practices that helped me connect to my self-worth is lap dance. And I am not alone in that; here are some snippets of what other women have experienced:

"I just went through a break-up and this made me feel beautiful again."

"Since going through trauma, I have not been able to have s.x with my partner. I am so grateful to have these lap dance tools, because it is a safe way for us to connect sensually."

"After being violated, this is my way to feel my power again. I decide what happens and when. I take back my power."

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