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What is Conscious Lapdance?!

In Conscious Lapdance I flip the script of what it means to give a lapdance. I curated a unique experience in which lapdance is an act of SELF pleasure and empowerment!
I have found lapdance specifically to be a powerfull mirror in uncovering what beliefs one holds about sensuality.
Never did I get as many question around huge social topics as when I organized a conscious lapdance event. Suddenly my inbox would fill with messages from women with questions like: "Am I not too old? Am I not too fat? What do the other women look like? Will someone touch me in a way I don't want? "

During Conscious Lapdance events I was amazed at the insight I gained into the female psyche (at 1st these were femme only events), and the insight I gained into what it is like to interact with women!
For example: I would see dancers trembeling from insecurity, but trying to fake and perform their way through the dance. I would see women tense up when being approached, but not dare to state a boundary.
Everything I saw I approached as a tantrika: "What is this microcosm telling me about the macrocosm?", I would wonder, "How do I support the creation of a narrative that is empowering for all beings?"

Before I knew it, there were profound break-through experiences happening in the midst of these workshops. And festivals started to book me for Conscious Lapdance. Step by step Conscious Lapdance started to grow. All from the deep desire to connect people to their power and create spaces that support healthy sensuality.

Sensual Healing:

This course is a structured bundle of tools to fall back on for emotional support, enriched with the soothing balm of sensuality and regulation.

This journey is for you if you:
- Want to deepen self connection
- Sense that sensuality will recharge you
- Want support in letting go of coping mechanisms
- Are ready to connect to your full expression & ALIVENESS!

Most video's create an embodied experience, there are some assignments along the way to deepen the practise in your daily life, as well as guided meditations.

1. Breathwork
2. Grounding
3. Uncovering emotions
4. Integrate through movement
5. Primal power
6. Sexual Healing
7. Communication
8. Find Closure, a forgiveness ritual