Rape Culture

Published on 15 March 2021 at 09:59

** Trigger warning **


The idea that men are entitled to women's bodies lives in so many behaviors, from someone telling me they can speak to me as they please because I make dance videos that show skin, to recently someone whatsapping me with pick up lines. When I eventually blocked him he shared my number on telegram, probably with something along the lines of "she wants sex". I am now being messaged by random numbers. It is slightly annoying, but more importantly why would someone need to seek revenge if I am simply not interested in their advances? Because he felt entitled to my attention and did not get what he wanted .. This is a symptom of the rape culture we are conditioned with.


Just to be clear a woman is always allowed to say no to anything. A woman being in touch with her sensual nature is not an invite.

If I think about all the things I got hassled about and then think of all the men's butt cracks I've seen! I don't see anyone talking behind their backs about how slutty they are or how they are just seeking female attention. Or even worse feeling up on them or becoming enraged when they don't get what they want.


It's hard to catch the ways that we might have unconsciously absorbed these ways of thinking, but let's help each other bring awareness to the topic. Men speak to your brothers when you see them acting in a way that is less then respectful. Let's share the responsibility of keeping women safe, so that it doesn't all fall on the shoulders of women.

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