Art of Eros


A tailored experience in which we play with polarity.

For this offering I have 2 options:
* Conscious Lapdance
* Conscious Dominance & submission

I use these 2 offerings as Tantric tools to mirror deeper relational patterns. This is not a pleasure fulfilling service. What is mirrored to you may be uncomfortable or confronting. This offering is given in service of your growth, not your pleasure.

This is for you if:
- You want to work on being in your masculine energetic in the presence of my feminine energy
- You want to experience connection and energy exchange through lapdance
- You want to learn to dominate or surrender  f u l l y
- You want to cultivate/ learn about tantric principles
- You honor that I will keep and express my authentic boundaries moment to moment.

What I do not offer:
- I will not stimulate you in a way to bring peak orgasm
- I do not perform sexual acts

I only accept a limited number of clients. If you feel drawn to this offering fill in this intake form and I will contact you for a connection call to see if we are a fit.

Prices range between 250 and 350 per session depending on your request, time frame, package deals