Sensual Healing Container for femmes


Do you sense that you could open wider to your sensuality?
Or is there a painful imprint you want to release?
Do you long to feel more alive?
Do you want to feel at home and safe in your body?

Pleasure is the fastest way to regulate our nervous system and ironically puts us in touch with the unprocessed as well. It is in the moments that we feel safe and overwhelmingly loved that old grief or rage can bubble up to find expression.

This is why I intertwine pleasure practises with shadow work.

There are 3 key building blocks in these sessions:

Erotic Innocence: Claim your erotic nature through sense activation, yoni yoga and pleasure enhancement. Rewrite the narrative of sexuality.
The Soulprints Sequence: Together we will recreate a limiting circulstance and leave you with a new imprint.
For example have you felt powerless? When was the first time you felt this? How can we create the embodied experience of being powerful?
This is a tailored and unique experience in which we will discuss the what and how in detail. If you don't know where a limiting belief or feeling came from I can offer regression therapy to tap into the origin. If you don't want to work on something in this way we will adapt to what works best for you.
Touch of pleasure: I will be in full service of you claiming your pleasure. With an array of different senseplay items as an option (feathers, blindfold etc), and through loving touch, I hold space for you to ask for what you want moment to moment. You decide the boundaries for touch, amount of clothing and setting. Having this experience empowers you to ask for what you want out of life, love and relating. De-armouring and resensitizing massage is an option.

This is for you if:
- You are ready to decondition traumatic imprints through the language of the body
- You want support in stepping into your full feminine expression

This is not for you:
- If you want "talk" therapy (we do talk ofcourse, but I go into embodiment for the majority of the session)

Deep Dive: 3 sessions = €650,- incl. 2 tailored homework practices recorded for you personally, aftercare contact if needed.