7 Ways Sensuality Heals

Published on 18 November 2020 at 02:17

When I first started with Sensual Dance I fused together exotic floorwork with tantra and yoni yoga. During this experiment I had many happy accidents where I found more depth in sensuality then I had expected.


  • Sense activation helps connect to the current moment

We might have unprocessed grief from the past, or feel anxious about the future. Yet it is only in the present moment that we can start to process. Feeling what wants to be felt while being in touch with our physical body gives an anchor into the present moment.


  • Sense activation helps communication between mind and body.

Most of us in the Western world live in the mind. To stay in the mind we must suppress our urges, bodily functions, emotions.

Even while making love we end up thinking the action instead of actually experiencing it. Thinking of the end goal. Thinking how we look. Thinking of a porn movie. And once absorbed in all this thoughts what is there left to feel?

How often do we make love and bring our full awareness to the warmth of our lovers' skin? How often do we kiss with every part of our awareness engaged in the tingles on our lips, the sensations on our tongue, the texture of saliva?

    • Most problems live in the past or the future.

    Our mind quite likes to hang out there! To think over and over about complexities, judgements, worries. By engaging the body we start to take back the steering wheel from our minds. Where does that memory live in the body? What if we actually connect to the sensations in that body part? You are much more likely to shift out of the endless thinking loop by feeling what lies beneath the stream of thoughts.


    • Helps you pendulate between old pain and the current moment

    When we are dealing with trauma (big or small) we want to feel what was once too overwhelming, without overwhelming ourselves again. Dipping our toe into the intensity and then coming back to the current moment in our bodies.


    • Sensuality as a practice for pleasure

    For someone with chronic pain it might not be easy to find pleasure in the body. Yet it is always possible to find a spot where pleasure can be felt. Even if it is but a grain of sensuality. This pleasure will become a doorway to focus body and mind on what does feel good. From there we can allow pleasure to cultivate and grow. 


    • Helps you tap into inner wisdom

    Intuition is one of the most valuable tools we can develop. Consciously we take in but a fraction of what our subconscious mind can. 

    If you feel a knot in your stomach around someone that is your gut telling you something is off! Listening deeper to bodily cues helps us get in touch with our intuition and will save us a lot of stress!


    • Helps restore a nervous system stuck in stress response

    It was during an exercise I crafted to activate the sense of sight that tears started to fall. As if my soul was finally fully stepping into my body, into the current moment by daring to intently look at and connect to the space around me. It gave me a sense of deep safety. Looking, breathing, sensing the space around.. It wasn’t till later that I discovered a practice called orienting as a way to help dysregulated nervous systems to rewire. To me this makes perfect sense! Any stored trauma is because of a moment of overwhelm, we once needed to numb or dull senses and feelings. Consciously working with the senses will impact our physiology on a deeper level.

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