Lapdance & self-pleasure

Published on 20 August 2020 at 14:34

I developed Conscious Lapdance for the pleasure of the dancer. Women have been conditioned at large to be in "pleasing-mode", during their interactions, in their appearance and sadly even the way they make love.

During my classes I use breathwork, movement & sound as tools. We meditate on the senses and how each sense is a door to deepening self-connection. Another approach I embrace is to view everything in life as a micro-expression of the whole. What this means concretely in a lapdance class is that the way you interact with someone in a lapdance, or the things you think you should do in a lapdance tell you something about the beliefs and values you hold consciously and unconsciously. If you hold the belief that a lapdance is solely for the receiver, you are dead-wrong, because giving a lapdance can most definitely be an act of selfpleasure! And this is what we need more in our society: women shamelessly pleasuring themselves! The way you as a woman walk, talk, act, dance, dress, all of it to be for your pleasure! What a game changer that would be! And how our families and societies would flourish with such happy, empowered, embodied women around!

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